E-commerce allows customers to visit the same store virtually, with just a few mouse clicks.

Etsy.com now serves more than 40 million customers per month from a global network of more than 40,000 stores in 100 countries and regions. eBay is the world’s largest online market for consumer goods, with more than 2 million sellers offering more than 750 million unique products.

With so many discounts online from websites like https://www.raise.com/coupons/home-depot, it is not a surprise to see eCommerce platforms increase their sale day by day.

In 2009, eBay, with $17 billion in revenue, accounted for 11.8% of the entire online marketplace market. Facebook, valued at $2.5 billion in June 2010, ranked second at 11.2%.

El nuevo modelo de negocio gracias al COVID-19 es: ecommerce

EBay reported that its global revenue was $21.8 billion in 2010. That is equal to roughly one-sixth of eBay’s global revenue in 2009.

EBay generated nearly 30% of eBay’s total revenue in 2009, and eBay’s website generated almost 80% of eBay’s overall revenue in 2010.

Sales growth for eBay was led by its worldwide marketplace, its eBay Inc. marketplace, and its PayPal subsidiary. PayPal now serves 40% of online consumers worldwide. It has processed $26.8 billion in total transaction value since January 2009. eBay’s market value has also grown significantly in recent years as its online marketplace platform has matured and other players, such as Amazon.com and Google, have established platforms and user bases. As of the end of 2010, the company was the largest online marketplace with approximately 19.5% of the total online marketplace market. eBay also owns and operates the marketplace website known as PayPal.com, the domain name biztalk.paypal.com, and the PayPal brand.

The Company has not received any material amount of tax benefits from the Internal Revenue Service or the European Union from any tax provisions in any of its tax return during the periods presented.

The following information reflects certain of the Company’s ongoing, non-GAAP financial measures. The Company believes that these measures are useful in providing a framework for understanding its financial condition and operating results. The following forward-looking statements are based on the Company’s management’s current expectations. The Company has taken into account important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in or implied by the forward-looking statements. These factors include, among other things, the anticipated growth in the Company’s business; our ability to keep our costs to deliver new products and services in line with our revenue growth and costs; our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel; the effect of global economic and market conditions; changes in foreign exchange rates; the extent to which we use derivatives; the success of new products; the timing of new product introductions and delays in the introduction of existing products; the effect that product returns and price protection mechanisms have on our sales and operating results; the ability to realize the anticipated benefits of acquisitions.

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