Not Just Books

Remember back to a time before technology when summer afternoons and Saturdays were spent at the local library reading books for hours on end? Library cards were used as often as a credit card, and library late fees were a battle that you did not want to pick with your parents. 

Though the library leave-it-to-beaver days seem like they are in the past, our library is moving with the times just like the rest of us. The Lincoln County Library offers so much more than just books. Every Saturday morning in the summer, enjoy a movie for kids of all ages. If you are wanting to join a community of readers, there are multiple book clubs that meet at the library, including a Harry Potter book club for pre-teens and teens. If you are looking for a space for your book club to meet, reserve a room!

For those that are wishing to dig a little deeper and do some research, the library offers a variety of reputable online data-bases with free subscriptions.They also have a series of oral histories, newspaper archives, and genealogy archives. Everything that could possibly need for your upcoming research project. 

The library offers a series of artist exhibits, and photography shows, clubs, and support groups. The library is so much more than just books. It’s a place that forms communities of people with common interests. It’s a place for relaxing, regrouping, and escaping. 

For a full list of events and programs that the Lincoln County Library offers, visit