It’s a Sweet Life in Brookhaven-Christmas Open House 2019

Taste of the Trust

It’s time to put up the jack o’lanterns and scary Halloween costumes, and head for the Christmas decorations-well, maybe some of you are heading for the Christmas decorations, and some of you are clinging tight to each season, and anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving. 

Regardless of the polarizing holiday decorating views, Christmas in Brookhaven has begun. Tomorrow, come join us for the annual Christmas Open House in Brookhaven! Stores will open at 9am until 5pm, and they will be decorated to the theme of “It’s a Sweet Life in Brookhaven.”  There are over 30 stores and restaurants participating. Christmas Open House always kicks off the Christmas season and helps get everybody in the Christmas spirit. Regardless of your views on when Christmas celebrations should actually be starting, put them aside and come to open house saturday. It will be a fun day in the Brookhaven community!