The History of Butterfield Mansion

Butterfield Mansion is quite possibly one of the most popular landmarks in Brookhaven. With its grand stature and bright white color, and beautiful columns and porch, driving by this home you are instantly intrigued. 

But to really appreciate the mansion, it’s important to know the history behind this beautiful home. The Butterfield Mansion was first erected in 1911 by Charles Butterfield. He was building the home for his second wife. At the time the mansion was built, it cost Butterfield around $75,000-the equivalent to about $1.9 million today! 

The home has had several owners throughout its lifetime. One of them, Dr.Harry Hannon was an alternative medicine doctor. People would travel from all over to be advised by the great Dr. Harry Hannon. After Dr. Hannon died, David Lovell, a beloved artist and designer, took the home into his hands, where he lived for over 50 years until he died in 2013. 

After Lovell’s death in 2013, the home began to decay. In 2017, Jeff and Stacie Cross bought the mansion to restore it.They have not only restored the mansion, but they have put touches on the interior that will appease anybody that has an affinity for interior design. Jeff and Stacie have turned an old historic landmark that was in decay, to a beautiful masterpiece. Perhaps the best part of the restoration, was the community joining together to rally around a place that is such a huge part of Brookhaven’s history.