Train Car Restoration

train car brookhaven ms

If you have driven up and down I55 as many times as we have, you may have taken notice of the old rusty train car at the north Brookhaven exit. The train car has sat in peaceful bliss for the duration of our lifetime and possibly longer. A simple reminder of how Brookhaven and Lincoln county got it’s boost during the industrial revolution and the glory days of railway expansion.

Thanks to the owner of the piece of property it resides on and the newly appointed Brookhaven Tourism Council, the rail car is finally getting the respect it has long deserved. After many grueling meetings regarding what it should look like, MDOT’s stamp of approval, clear coating or sandblasting, etc.…our beloved train car is finally getting the facelift it has long deserved. We can’t wait until the reveal of the finished product. AND if in fact, you are a true “Brookhavenite” or just a lover of our small town, it will shine as a beacon after even the shortest of road trips as HOME.