Music and Art in Trinity Park

Brookhaven April_27Each Thursday in April, local musicians and artists are gathering at noon in Trinity Park — connected to the Church of the Redeemer at 224 West Monticello St. — to perform and create art. If you haven’t yet visited Brookhaven, Music and Art in Trinity Park is the perfect opportunity for a slice of the community culture that values art and music!

On Thursday, local musician Tony Norton crooned to the crowd while they looked on from lawn chairs and picnics. There was wonderful weather, and about 40 or so folks came out to enjoy it! We can’t wait until next Thursday.

This ongoing event begins at noon, with the following scheduled musicians:

April 14th —Andi Cotten and Tyler Bridge

April 21st — Gregg Smith

April 28th — Betsy Berryhill

Brookhaven’s bustling, homegrown music culture is something to be experienced. We think Music and Art in Trinity Park is an excellent way to see what it’s all about. Bring a lunch and a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy your midday with some sunshine, some music and some art!

After the music ends, cross the street to the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library, where artwork sponsored by the Brookhaven Regional Arts Guild is on display. Each month a new artist claims the space, so it’s something to check out any time you are in Ole Brook! There are also several retailers offering art and handmade work in the downtown area, to complete the day. We’d love to have you!
Brookhaven April_21