4th of July Block Party

The Storm Avenue 4th of July block party began in the 70’s and then fizzled out as the years went on. Last year the neighborhood decided to bring this block party back to life and it was a huge success. It was so successful, they’re planning to do it again, but on a larger scale. This event was created to be a Brookhaven event for anyone to join!

There will be different activities featured at each yard! One of the first yards on the street will be a parade prep area. Kids are encouraged to bring their bicycles and adults should bring golf carts to decorate for the parade, which will start about 11 a.m. on the end of the Storm Avenue near Church Street. One will have a watermelon theme, with cold slices to eat and a watermelon seed spitting contest. Farm Burea will be grilling hamburgers and corn on the cob! There will also be a patriotic themed photo booth in one yard, while another family will host a parfait station with ice cream and fresh blueberries. One of the larger yards on the block will have a 25-foot waterslide.

This event is expected to grow more and more each year and we are looking forward to it. We hope to see you in our gorgeous historic neighborhoods in downtown Brookhaven on the 4th of July!